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Top Home Security Tips from Bushey Locksmiths

<h1>Top Home Security Tips from Bushey Locksmiths</h1>

While Hertfordshire enjoys some of the lowest burglary rates in the country, prevention is still more valuable than the best cure. Tone Locksmiths of Bushey have compiled a short list of things you can do to increase your home security.

  1. Always check that all windows and doors are locked before leaving the house. Make sure everything is locked up properly before going to bed.
  2. Keep valuables out of sight, especially car keys. Many burglars break in to the house when they are after the car on the driveway, rather than the contents of your house!
  3. Lock your garden tools safely away in your shed so as not to inadvertently supply thieves with the tools to break into your home.
  4. Garages can be an additional point of entry to your home so make sure that the side or rear doors are properly secured by installing British Standard 5-lever mortice locks. Think about adding internal Mortice rack bolts, one at the top and one at the bottom so that there is less leverage during a forced entry.